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mos_asterisk.png Use of spin by media in reporting events.
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1 A New Year challenge for politicians: unfinished business from Leveson Inquiry 824
2 Lord Justice Leveson left floundering in wake of press proprietors’ pre-emptive strike 1367
3 Leveson Inquiry: Will bribery of police and public officials emerge as a far greater scandal than phone hacking? 1497
4 Leveson Inquiry: David Cameron’s master class in glossing over the Conservatives’ struggle to win over the Murdoch press 1560
5 Leveson Inquiry: John Major’s selective memory about 1992 general election and “back to basics” 1486
6 Leveson Inquiry latest: George Osborne talent spots Andy Coulson but denies there was a strategy to win the Sun’s support 1297
7 Alastair Campbell at Leveson Inquiry: great theatre Mr Jay, shame about the questions 1710
8 Rebekah Brooks at Leveson Inquiry: an insight into how the Sun exploited the political endorsement of the Murdoch press 1435
9 Andy Coulson at Leveson Inquiry: a former spin doctor’s master class in closing down unhelpful questions 1347
10 Iraq War: “Implacable support” of Murdoch press was a key factor for Tony Blair 3470
11 Ofcom and BSkyB bid: We should have looked at News Corporation’s political influence 5875
12 Alastair Campbell's evidence to Leveson: another missed opportunity 2005
13 Meetings with media proprietors: David Cameron’s meaningless charade 1910
14 War on Wikileaks: Narratives that distract from the truth 5303
15 BBC charity committed to promoting UK Government propaganda in Afghanistan 3447
16 Alastair Campbell’s ‘unprecedented’ role in preparing dossier on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. 3051
17 Propaganda, the internet and the media: from CounterJihad to the Decent Left 5296
18 Investigating the Investigators 4399
19 Investigating the Investigators 4292
20 Investigating the Investigators 5404
21 What's the Real News Story? 4099
22 John Simpson’s cock and bull story 4482
23 Independent investigative journalism: How to steer clear of the public relations machine. 4662
24 Of Big Brother And ‘Auntie Beeb’ - The Propaganda Model 5199
25 The Marketing Front: The Real Essence of Advertising 6235
26 Why the mainstream media fails us on Iraq 4239
27 The Press and the Public – Time for a re-Think 4699
28 The Lockerbie trial: A perverse verdict 4072
29 The Poison of the Pen 3746
30 The Wrong Kind of History 4082
31 Inside the murky world of the UKs Make Poverty History Campaign 4277
32 Britons oppose war: poll evidence contradicts media reports 4105
33 In And Out Of The Mainstream 4069
34 Blair should read the polls 3810
35 Taking sides 4105
36 Dissent under pressure on the BBC 28836
37 The Domination Effect 3646
38 Was it really murder by the media? 3767
39 Open Scotlands Executive 3934