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The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU), 7 December 2012

A major lobbying scandal has been unraveling in Brussels after one of the European Commission’s top officials was forced to resign following allegations of cash-for-influence. The tobacco industry claimed they’d been asked for tens of millions of euros by a lobbyist linked to health commissioner, John Dalli, in exchange for influencing EU tobacco policy. But with new tobacco legislation in the pipeline, there are fears that Dallimay have been caught in a tobacco industry set-up designed to delay changes the industry don't want.

The trouble is that nobody knows what really went on, because the European Commission is refusing to make the facts public. They won't admit that the scandal happened because current EU rules on contacts with lobbyists are too weak.

Help us clear the smoke and demand stronger rules on lobbying transparency now:

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To European Commission President José Manuel Barroso:

As EU citizens with a right to know, we demand that you reveal what happened in the lobbying scandal that led to the resignation of CommissionerDalli. The Commission must end its secrecy and release the full facts about “Dalli-gate”. The scandal shows that the current rules around lobbying are too weak. It is too easy for unregistered lobbyists to meet with top officials and influence EU decision making.

Please act now to introduce stronger transparency and ethics rules around lobbying, including an improved code of conduct for Commissioners.

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