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Tory PPC in spat with Spinwatch PDF Print E-mail
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26th April 2010 

The Spinwatch campaign targeting parliamentary candidates with links to lobbying has got under the skin of George Eustice, Conservative PPC
for Camborne and Redruth in Cornwall. Eustice, Cameron’s former press secretary, worked until recently for lobbying and PR consultancy Portland PR.
He writes on his blog how he heard there was to be an online lobbying campaign against him, initiated by “a girl called Tamasin Cave, a political
activist who writes regularly for Lib Dem blogs”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tamasin, a Spinwatch director - who is nearly 40 should
that be of interest to anyone – is in regular touch with bloggers from Left Foot Forward to Guido Fawkes.
Attempting to tie the Spinwatch campaign to Lib Dem activism is, well, the kind of obfuscatory tactic one would expect from a professional lobbyist.
And it’s clearly sticking. When Spinwatch recently spoke to the Falmouth Packet, a local paper covering Camborne, the reporter asked whether we were linked to the Lib Dems.
No, the simple truth is this campaign has focused on the Tories because they have the largest number of PPCs who are professional lobbyists. We believe this is the reason why the Conservatives remain alone among the main parties in refusing to sign up to a statutory register of lobbyists.


US advisers helped Blair to victory PDF Print E-mail
Election Spin Blog
Blair was advised by a whole raft of US spin doctors, but unlike the Tories this was kept largely out of the news during the campaign.
Vote Big Business, Vote Labour PDF Print E-mail
Election Spin Blog
Spinwatch readers wishing to cast their votes to the best advantage of Big Business may be feeling confused about who to vote for on Thursday. Worry not, Spinwatch presents a guide to the party most favoured by Transnational Corporations.
Election spin mostly underground PDF Print E-mail
Election Spin Blog
More evidence that the focus of election spin has moved from the media to less visible direct spin comes from Labour strategists and Weber Shandwick, one of the world's biggest PR companies.
Fancy voting for a spin doctor? PDF Print E-mail
Election Spin Blog
Spin doctors standing as parliamentary candidates are being extremely coy about their spin doctoring past. UK elections are increasingly divorced from the voters and take place in a more or less self referential circuit between politicians, spin doctors and journalists.  One facet of this is that spin doctors from both the political and corporate world are increasingly trying to make the transition from manipulating public opinion in the interests of their clients or employers to 'representing' the public.
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