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David Miller, 13 August 2011

In a roundtable discussion on science hosted by Red Pepper renowned neuroscientist Professor Steven Rose gave listeners an insight on his view on the organisation formerly known as the Revolutionary Communist Party.  The issue was raised by a discussion about the Science Media Centre headed by Fiona Fox.  Connie St Louis, director of the Science Journalism MA at City University had commented that the 'Science Media Centre has troubled me. Its troubled me ever since its inception because I think there is too much PR for scientists of their work anyway. We talk about universities, we talk about just this whole ploughing of information coming through PR and agencies. And now we have a PR agency that exists solely for scientists.'  Steven Rose then added:

But let's talk politics. I mean lets just talk about the background of the Science Media Centre and Ms Fox herself. The background to this is an organisation which at one point was called the Revolutionary Communist Tendency, then became Living Marxism and after Living Marxism was destroyed in its libel suit over Srebrenica and the concentration camps there, turned up the next day calling itself the Institute of Ideas... Now these groups when they were part of the Revolutionary Communist Tendency and now they are part of the Institute of Ideas are passionately pro and uncritical of science. They're passionately pro any sort of quote scientific advance in genetics, in medicine. They're passionately pro nuclear and always have been. So this is a group which has been set up and has become very powerful and very influential and it disturbs me a great deal that it washes its way through so much of the media as it does, on radio, on television, in journals as well.
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There's some classic sleight of hand in Brendan O'Neill's recent complaint about all the 'anti-LM conspiracy-mongering' linking Martin Durkin to the LM network

O'Neill writes, 'a few people who contributed articles to LM appeared as talking heads on Against Nature. That's all. Not as exciting as the crazed and wide-eyed web conspiracy theories make it sound, I know. Sorry.' (
Apocalypse my arse)

But what O'Neill fails to mention is that Durkin's deputy for Against Nature was Eve Kaye, who was not only a key figure in
RCP/LM - like her sister (Pandora Kaye) - but the wife of James Heartfield, a key RCP ideologue and the co-author of its manifesto. Something that might just explain why, 'Line by line, point by point, Against Nature followed the agenda laid down by LM.' (George Monbiot, The Revolution has been televised)  

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Long-time Furediite Thomas Deichmann, writing in Spiked, challenges Greenpeace's charitable status in Germany, arguing that they act 'politically'. This erstwhile revolutionary also accuses them of illegality and uses his Spiked piece to reckon up every instance of trespass on farmland or 'guerilla' labelling of products in supermarkets that Greenpeace has carried out during its environmental campaigns in Germany. (Just how 'charitable' is Greenpeace?)

Deichmann's previous writings for the LM network suggest he's considerably less particular about certain other crimes - like torture, rape and murder. 
Deichmann even put in an appearance as the final defence witness at the trial in the Hague of Dusko Tadic, who went on to be convicted of crimes against humanity, including 'killings, beatings and forced transfers' of civilians, as well as a particularly horrific sexual mutilation.

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The Furediite love of colonising science communication bodies has now taken in even engineers. According to the website for Engaging Cogs, it is funded by EPSRC (the Engineering and Physical Science Research Council) as a forum to explore how society thinks about engineering, and it's hosted by the Department of Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. But not only does the website have a decidedly Spiked-ish look to it but Engaging Cogs is based, like Spiked, in LM's old offices at Farringdon Road. And keen Furediite, Timandra Harkness is part of the team. Needless to say, Timandra has no background in engineering.  

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uliet Tizzard is not the only Furediite embedded in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the government body which, amongst other things, licenses and monitors all human embryo research conducted in the UK. 
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